Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inspired By: Contemporary Comfort

Their Lee couch in a unique texture and the shade of yellow brings the room together , warming the space, providing comfort and creating a space separate from the dining area. 
There is nothing not to love about this space we showed you a couple of posts ago.  A facade from 1936

introduces you into a completely remodeled contemporary space where no detail was overlooked.  The house is so unique and serves as a clear and clever reflection of those who live inside, Tom and Lauren Moorman.
Love the mixture of glass and wood. The glass fixture doesn't block the open space, and the big long wood table feels homey and provides the most fun place for the best dinner parties in town... Also love the position of the mount over the fireplace, aligned left to correspond with other angular elements of the space. 
It's difficult to choose a favorite element,  but maybe above all it's the feeling of warmth executed in a minimalist environment that comes from a combination of fine elegance, clean lines, mixed in with comfort, history, and sentimental keepsakes collected over the years. The decorative elements, materials, and open space provide a welcoming feel that never cease to entertain your eyes.
Beautiful wood and soapstone counters create a bar and kitchen. 

Light comes in to the kitchen through beautiful clear and colored  glasses. 
The "man room."

Striped bench. Comfortable, stylish, and cool.

Subtle details cause a double-take, while fun patterns make the home a happy one.
Patterned grass cloth on the walls. 

Beautiful wallpaper and wood door in the powder room. 

Their space most definitely provides testament to the idea that every detail counts.
Vizsla approved. 

We'd love to help you perfect any details! Hope to see you soon!