Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noir Furniture LA

We have been obsessed with Noir Furniture's innovative use of reclaimed wood and the interplay between industrial and French-inspired since we happened upon them at Las Vegas' Gift + Home market last August.  While they have not yet reached the status of having a glossy catalog or a fancy website, they have definitely inspired us

Their momentum is gaining - as no doubt will their notoriety - especially after one of their tables was featured in this month's Veranda Magazine (April, 2011). 

Noir Side Table (shown in white weathered finish)
Want one?  We will be happy to place an order for you!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bergamin's Buddha in Bahia, Brazil

To say we were excited about the alliteration of this post is an understatement...Not understated?  Sig Bergamin's amazing beach house in Bahia, Brazil. 

The eclectic mix of colors, bright textiles and objects collected from around the globe might not be the makeover you have in mind - Elle Decor praises Bergamin's "skill at balancing potentially jarring elements" (April, 2011). element that you can incorporate into your everyday space?  An antique Buddha head.  Buy it from us (we have two - $145) and claim that you found it somewhere far more exotic.  We wont tell.

Click here to purchase. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

See It There, Buy It Here!

When we spotted this page in Elle Decor, our attention was averted to the stools surrounding the "Fantasy Island" at the bottom because while the room is lovely, we were excited to see stools similar to the new ones we just got at the store.

They're awesome.
Constructed of metal and wood they are stylish and affordable. They would work well as bar stools, around an island as shown, or simply as an accent piece in a room, cool coffee table books stacked atop.

Clock Wise

We love this spread from Elle Decor because it features two of our favorite things: Old and New.  Mixing Old and New is the best way to create a story, depth, and add some character to your room. It's what makes your room uniquely yours with treasures you've found or that have been passed down- each carrying a history uniquely their own. Then add in your own flair to freshen things up a bit, bring them to the present, be open to the future rather than closing yourself off to one style. Mixing it up is very wise and in this situation, very "Clock Wise..."
This clock is like having a piece of history right in your home. Well it's not like that, it is exactly that. We were interested to learn that this clock's purpose in its day (most likely mid-1800's) was to signal times of day to peasants working in the fields of the French countryside too far away to hear church bells. It's been painted and still functions in addition to being simply gorgeous. We think Elle Decor did a perfect job seeing the clock beyond its time period, resisting being intimidated or confined by its history, and succeeding in giving it a colorful and happy new life... and what can be better than that?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pop Goes the Pillow

While we are big fans of the neutral palate for its classic and elegant ability to include various decades of design without making any one piece seem out of place, we are also undeniable fans of bringing in fun pillows to add playful character and color to a space. These pillows are my current obsession:

What is not to love about these?! And I think the amazingly creative and stylish people over at Lonny agree about the powers of a pop of color:

Add them to any room- be it bed or sofa for an instant splash of style!

Monday, March 7, 2011

We think this room is the perfect execution of rich neutral tones mixed in with varying styles of design to create a room that epitomizes style, elegance, and comfort. Classic pieces are mixed in with contemporary elements, and a bit of industrial edge is off-set with a beautiful antique mirror that ties in the whole space while creating the illusion of more. 

Get this look with these pieces:

This mirror is fab-u-lous. Seriously, it's amazing.
Dimensions: 49x6x91H
49 x 6 x 91"H

And these lamps have an old feel with contemporary lucite bases at an unbeatable price: $275. 

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