Friday, October 19, 2012

Partner's Card

Just a few irresistible items to encourage shopping with your Partner's Card... Shop to save lives!

Lou Lou Ghost Chairs, because your kids need Ghost Chairs too!

Add a little John Dickinson inspiration to your home without the John Dickinson price tag
These trays are a steal! Perfect for a hostess or wedding gift

Love these ice buckets
MOR Body Butters- they come in fabulous fragrances and beautiful packaging. Perfect for gifts or as a treat for yourself

Lip Macarons- colorful, cute and happy! 
Coffee table books are the perfect accessory to add personality, warmth, and style to your home

Fun trays! Use as a tray on a coffee table, in the bar, or with a stand as a stylish side table that really makes a fun statement

Jardin de Rochelle Porcelain Diffusers- these deceptive diffusers smell and look wonderful!
Happy Shopping and Have a Fabulous Weekend! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pop of Color

While we love ourselves a neutral room...
Timothy Whealon Elle Decor

Sometimes it's just too hard to resist a fun pop of color... 

Ikot Blue
Artichoke Lamps- So fun! We have the turquoise... 

Cleo Spring

Bungalow 5 Taboret Stools 

Salem Red

Cortez Gold

Farm House Chair

And with choices like these, how can we resist?

Come by and see us! 
5 Broads Off Broadway 
518 Austin HWY
San Antonio, TX 78209


Monday, December 5, 2011

"Garden Variety"

Spotted in this month's Elle Decor:

Our favorite Vagabond Vintage Lotus plates!

Purchase Plates Here:
"Vagabond Vintage's Lotus ceramics pop with exuberant flower patterns and colors. The hand-painted dessert plates measure 8" diameter and are dishwasher safe."
We think that a set of them makes the perfect Christmas present for that fun friend of yours who loves to entertain... Or try using/gifting a single one to be used as a cute pop of color on a bedside or in a powder-room
 to keep all of your jewelry safe in one [stylish] place.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is a Yurt....

We loved reading about all of Neiman Marcus' Fantasy Christmas Gifts this year.  I mean...who doesn't need a $45,000 ping pong table?

I personally have my fingers crossed for the his and her's custom designed fountains for the new house.  Alas, at $1 million, I don't think it will happen (ever).

These gifts are deemed "fantasy" for good reason - no sensible person (unless of course, one has access to a money tree in their back yard) is going to spend a small fortune on such extravagance.

But...who needs the fantasy when they can have the reality?  You can recreate some elements of our favorite fantasy gift, the Dream Folly Yurt ($75,000) seen here:

from your very own favorite local store...US!  And, at a much discounted price which will increase your chances of finding one of these great pieces underneath your christmas tree.  

Log Side Table $675 cast from a real tree trunk (also available in Gold and Bronze)

Noir Rain Chandelier $1800 (believe us, the picture does not do it justice)

Hexagon Side Table $725

Clove Stem Lamp $165

Antler Candlestick holders $125

Let us know if we can place an order for you..heck, we'll even help stage everything if you find a tent you like :) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spotted: Gold Wheat Table

You rely on them for high fashion and street style inspiration:

For advice on what bag to buy and how to wear this season's new boots... So why not take a cue from the brilliant gals behind WHOWHATWEAR, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr 

when it comes to inspiration for the home?

Because we think they're right on the money yet again with their gold wheat table from their Los Angeles office featured on The Coveteur.
Try ours in your home or office for only $375

Friday, September 16, 2011

Guilding the Tridacna Gigas

Have you ever heard the expression "guilding the lily" ??  

My mom used it quite often in middle school when I graduated from clear mascara and lip gloss to some more experimental make up decisions.  Think blue eye shadow, bubble gum pink blush... You get the idea.  

The saying originates from Shakespear's King Lear and has since been in our vernacular as an appropriate descriptive phrase for unnecessary ornamentation.  In other words, why would you guild the lily when it is already beautiful as it is.  

While I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tridacna Gigas, better known as Giant Clam shells, just as they are:

 (Sidebar:  I'm lobbying for a sink like this in the new house's powder room....)

...I can't help but think that in the case of our Giant Clam shell from Regina Andrew, a little gilding is not unnecessary at all:


Monday, August 29, 2011

We now carry Bungalow 5!

We loved EVERYTHING about the Washington DC Victorian Row house featured recently in House Beautiful:

The "parfait of pinks" featured in the living room (Sorry, David, the formal living room in the new house may be pink....):

the cast concrete table base in the dinning room (might just have to copy that too...)

and the use of bold pattern curtains in the family room:

We were also excited to see a bedside table that we love from Bungalow 5 (a new line we now carry) featured in the master bedroom:

We have picked the Jacqui side table and chest for a client's LBJ bedroom:

We are expecting them to arrive soon with other Bungalow 5 goodies!  Visit online and let us know if we can add something to our order for you :)  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When style is your quest and anything from shoes and purses to rugs, lamps, paintings, prints, plates, trays, etc. are your idea of treasure, it's not uncommon to find yourself cruising the endless listings of ebay looking for just that perfect little purchase. And while those congratulatory words "You have won your item..." affirm your skills as an out-bidder... the alternative often leaves you sad that your prize slipped into the hands of another. So while we looove, Lonny's ebay choice for this reclaimed wood Farmhouse Table:

...for all reasons relating to charming picnics,  plein-air dinner parties, a smorgasbord of colorful plates and delicious dishes,  fun company, breezy linens, fresh flowers, and candlelight...

...It is just simply too HOT to be outside having a picnic in Texas right now...By the time we can go outside again without completely melting, that Farmhouse table will be long gone.  So, it was with a sigh of relief that I came across this darling Noir table available for purchase now and still in the fall:
Reclaimed Farm House Table

It's a perfect match without that pesky risk of not being there when I want it. Crisis averted. Don't you want one too?

More fun accessories for your own party:
Keep bottles of wine cool in this hammered cooler $185
Purchase Here

Perfect for pre-dinner hors d'oeuvres or a cheese platter $85
Purchase Here
Set the scene with perfect lighting....
Votive Bridge $125
Purchase Here

Iron Rose Hurricane $140
Purchase Here

A fun mix of patterned plates $18 each or $65 for 4
Purchase Here

Shake up some cocktails for a beach picnic
Purchase Here

Shell Tongs
Purchase Here

Keep your drinks cool without worrying about melting ice...
Purchase Here

White Lotus Tea Light
Purchase Here

For a more rustic dinner party $145
Purchase Here

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