Monday, May 9, 2011


Mondays can be a little manic, but this week got off to a great start...We received a package from Brazil with the most beautiful Agate Geode Bookends!

$125 a pair

Bookends like these have been featured in several of our favorite magazines lately... we don't expect to keep them long!  Order online today!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Coty!

Today marks the late Francois Coty's birthday.  These days, everyone from Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian has a signature fragrance but it all started with Francois Coty. The descendant of Isabelle Bonaparte, the aunt of Napoleon, is considered to be perfumery's first abstract genius. He not only discovered a scent that captured as many noses as necessary to morph him into a millionaire, but realized that an attractive bottle was essential to any perfume's success. Proving further successful, he took what had prior been reserved for the rich as a luxury and extended perfume to mass markets in a more accessible fashion, thus changing the perfume industry forever.

Read more about him in this great coffee table book, "COTY" that we have available at the store. $60

Monday, May 2, 2011

A living room worth gossiping about...

If you are anything like us, tonight your plans include curling up on the couch in your comfiest jammies at 9/8 central watching the latest between Dan, Serena, Chuck, Blair, and Nate.

While the plot lines are admittedly soapy-er each week, one element of the show that hasn't changed?  The amazingly styled and often-overlooked sets.

We've previously noted some of our favorite silver candlesticks from Blair and Serena's Paris apartment:


And just last week we couldn't help but looking at Lily's chic living room with new eyes....

Let us help you create the same look with two great pieces in our inventory:

Elephant Stool $165

Now if only we could find a Prada Marfa painting...