Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crazy for Coral

Amelita and I have loved shells from the beginning.  So delicate in beautiful colors, they bring an elegant element of nature to any room. Whether placed on a coffee table as if to take the place of a sculpture, or added to book shelves as the small touches that really bring a room together, they stand like little treasures, reminders of places elsewhere and the beauty of the natural world.

We found one of our pieces of coral completely irresistible to buy and I think this cover from Elle Decor might be somewhat responsible...

I can't get this room out of my head. It's so beautiful and when you really look at it, there's not too much to it, each item just "packs a lot of punch" for lack of a better expression phrase. While the shells are prominently displayed, nothing is overpowered-- shells do not have to be beachy by any means. And conveniently enough, we have the majority of the items you'd need to create a similar space:
Basically the exact same coral sculpture as on the cover: 

I don't know how to describe the effect it has in a space, but it's really something. It has a captivating quality to it that in my opinion makes it all the more valuable. Simply, it's beautiful. 

We also have quite the variety of shells perfect for shelves:

And these are just plain cool:

Then bring the look together with classic neutral staples and fun accessories:


We love poufs too!
Only $109!

Despite the weather outside, feeling inspired? Come see us! Happy Saturday! 

Pictures: LonnyMag and Elle Decor