Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"A high flying Hollywood entrepreneur"...gone wild

In the August issue, AD features a Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed house for "a high flying Hollywood entrepreneur" in beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico.

The house is undeniably "yummy" and "delicious" (to use a few Martyn-isms) and, quite often, magazine editors will omit the client's identity for privacy reasons.  In this case, we think they were just embarrassed about said client...

Our question is:  Were they not aware that the Bravo hit Million Dollar Decorators was going to feature the exact same house on an episode a few weeks ago?? Or, that this episode was going to reveal the identity of the "high flying" client as Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis?   In the episode, we find him less than likeable as he berates his staff and and threatens to fire every last one of them.  Nor do we think very highly of his life's work.

I suppose we wouldn't have identified him by name either.

One thing that we can't find fault with?

Martyn's style and the master bedroom with it's mercury glass lamps: