Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is a Yurt....

We loved reading about all of Neiman Marcus' Fantasy Christmas Gifts this year.  I mean...who doesn't need a $45,000 ping pong table?

I personally have my fingers crossed for the his and her's custom designed fountains for the new house.  Alas, at $1 million, I don't think it will happen (ever).

These gifts are deemed "fantasy" for good reason - no sensible person (unless of course, one has access to a money tree in their back yard) is going to spend a small fortune on such extravagance.

But...who needs the fantasy when they can have the reality?  You can recreate some elements of our favorite fantasy gift, the Dream Folly Yurt ($75,000) seen here:

from your very own favorite local store...US!  And, at a much discounted price which will increase your chances of finding one of these great pieces underneath your christmas tree.  

Log Side Table $675 cast from a real tree trunk (also available in Gold and Bronze)

Noir Rain Chandelier $1800 (believe us, the picture does not do it justice)

Hexagon Side Table $725

Clove Stem Lamp $165

Antler Candlestick holders $125

Let us know if we can place an order for you..heck, we'll even help stage everything if you find a tent you like :)